Fruit and Vegetables

FullSizeRender 11Braincloud is building partnerships with farmers and growers. Guiding them with advance agricultural knowledge, building good farming practices and supporting them by marketing their produce directly to the end consumers. 

 “Eating fruits and vegetables with harmful pesticides can cause deadly diseases and health problems.” Hence we are taking utmost care and guiding farmer about bio fertilizers, seeds and farming knowledge.

 Brain-cloud is actively working in the field of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. We work closely with small farmers and growers to ensure that freshest and healthiest of farm produce makes it way to the kitchens of actual consumers. Helping improve the infrastructure of the backend, we are developing cold storage units and supply chain management to reduce inefficiencies and foster higher productivity for the yield.

 Braincloud is associated with state of processing industries and pack houses to ensure best quality produce reaches to both domestic and global markets. Aim is to build backend integration and networks to help create greater value for last mile.

We are retailing and exporting selected quality fruits and vegetables both grown conventionally and organically in the country. 

Contract Farming FullSizeRender 15

We provide assistance to build backward integration by way of contract farming between farmers and processors.  

This helps to maintain specific client quality requirement and price guarantee in advance to the farmers. He has to in-turn maintain a strict quality standards as per the Global GAP.

Our mission is that farmer get the best rates and he follows the best standard for pre harvest and post harvest farming practices.

Model : 

Contract with Farmer as per Client/ GAP standards.

Pre Harvest and Post Harvest management of crops 

Customised Processing and Packaging of Vegetables and Fruits 

Exports and Retailing of farm Produce. 

Crops Managed 

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables are directly sourced from the farmers. Processed and Packed in state of art pack houses to maintain post harvest freshness and quality.  We are actively engaged domestic and export of the fresh Fruits and vegetable. We specialise in Onions, Okra, Bottle Guard,  Long Green Chilli, Tomatoes, Grapes, Red Pomegranates.  

We have adopted international processing procedures to meet the diversified needs of the clients. 

Fruits :

We specialise in following fruits 






Fresh Vegetable :  

Vegetable PicsOkra 


Bitter Guard 

Bottle Guard


Green Chilies 



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